If you would have told high school Melanie everything I’d be doing in college, I would have laughed really hard, and then told you thanks, but I don’t plan on staying in college for ten years. Because that’s how long it would take to accomplish and experience some of the incredible things I’ve done if I hadn’t chosen to attend USC.

One of the reasons I came to this amazing school is because I wanted to do it all—take hard classes, become an officer in the military, make lifelong friends, test my limits, learn from distinguished leaders. Since the first day of class I’ve been working towards all of those goals, and USC just won’t let me slack off in any of them.

Everywhere I turn there’s a new opportunity. Whether it’s a leadership class taught by President Emeritus Sample or a chance to help guide girls through Sorority Recruitment, I just can’t hide from new exposures and challenges. I would really have to make an effort not to grow as a person and develop abilities that I didn’t have as a high school student. Just being around my fellow Trojans inspires me to continue trying new things, which conveniently are everywhere I turn. Basically, I’m getting everything I wanted out of my college experience and then some.

So fair warning:  USC will change you, and you won’t be able to hide from the incredible new experiences it has to offer!


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