This summer, instead of getting an internship like most of my Viterbi friends, I’ll be doing something quite different. I am going to Field Training for ROTC at Maxwell Air Force base, Alabama. It’s basically a 28-­‐day boot camp, and will probably be the toughest thing I’ve ever done. But afterwards, I’m looking forward to spending a month in London with my sorority sister! I visited there during freshman year spring break and instantly fell in love. What great motivation to get me through boot camp!

Field Training is the one test everyone has to pass in Air Force ROTC to become an officer. It’s a rigorous schedule of 4 am wakeups and various exercises in super hot and humid weather. But I feel confident I’ll do well thanks to the great training I’ve had in the program so far. This camp will be a great opportunity to further my leadership skills and practice managing other people (they sometimes put one of us in charge of the whole encampment!). The lessons I learn will be invaluable in any future careers I pursue, and I’m excited to accomplish something big this summer.

But my favorite part will most definitely be touring London again. I absolutely love traveling (both my parents are pilots, so we’re constantly visiting other places) and learning about new cultures. Since I’m not able to study abroad during the school year due to ROTC, I definitely plan on participating in Viterbi’s Summer Overseas program. I would love to take classes in places like Spain or Italy! Many of my friends have done the program and all they had a blast. Since I won’t be taking classes this summer, I’ll have plenty of time to explore and maybe even see the Olympics! I’m pumped for everything in store and I can’t wait to head home to Tennessee to start my summer.