It’s the start of parents weekend, and I’m parent-less. For some reason my parents decided it would be better to hang out at the beach in Florida instead of visiting their favorite daughter. But luckily I have wonderful friends who plan on adopting me into their families for the weekend!

Friday we’re having a Parent’s Day event for ROTC. Our Detachment Commander will give a great speech to all the parents ensuring them that we’re not just yelling at their kids all day on Fridays. He will also give out awards for high GPAs and Physical Fitness Assessment scores (which we took last Friday). My favorite part is the knowledge bowl, where parents team up with their kids to answer various military questions. Last year I totally thought my parents and I had it in the bag (they both served in the Air Force) but somehow we missed all three of our questions. Awkward.

Finally, we play a slideshow of all our awesome activities from last year and this semester. Top that off with a lunch reception, and you have the most ideal training day of the semester.

Later that afternoon, I’m helping out with the Viterbi Trojan Family Weekend event where parents get a chance to meet Viterbi faculty and tour different labs around campus. Afterwards I’ll be heading to dinner downtown with my roommate and her family!

Saturday of course is game day, so I’ll be tailgating with all my friends and their families before heading in to watch USC dominate Colorado. My friend Claire’s family always gets the best spot right across from Cromwell field, the big track on campus. They set up a huge tent and serve yummy burgers and snacks. Later, Claire and I plan on meeting up with a big group of my sorority sisters and heading into the game together (her parents turned down our offer to join us in the student section). Dinner with my roommate’s family will follow, and wherever the night takes us after that.

Sunday I’m hiking to the Hollywood sign with my friend Meghan and her friend visiting from home! Somehow I still haven’t done the Hollywood hike, so I’m excited to complete this milestone in my life. We’ll probably end the weekend relaxing at our sorority house.

As you can see, even if your parents think the beach is cooler than you, USC has plenty to do over Parent’s weekend. Can’t wait!!

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  • cassandra says:

    The Hollywood Hike is amazing! I finally went this semester, and it’s so worth it – the views are gorgeous, and the trek up there is totally do-able.