Tonight, instead of my usual routine of preparing for ROTC and going to bed early, I’m going to watch three of my sorority sisters perform in a play called Top Girls! They’ve been rehearsing for several weeks now, and a big group of us are excited to support them. We’re all prepared with our bouquets!

Visions and Voices is USC’s university-wide arts and humanities initiative that features a wide variety of events organized by USC faculty and schools. The events range from Operas to talks by professors and discussions with famous playwrights. This is a great opportunity for students of all majors to develop an appreciation for various cultures and diversity.

This particular event focuses on the role of women in society and what it means to be a successful woman across ages and generations. Thankfully, it also includes some comedy.  Now that I’ve seen the play, I can finish this post: it was really entertaining! It had just the right mix of interesting historical allusion and modern comedy. I could definitely see why my friends got picked for the parts they played—their personalities definitely showed in their characters. What a great way to spend a Thursday night!