The ideal schedule


I’ve managed to make another awesome schedule for this upcoming semester. I like having all my classes in a row, so I’m not walking back and forth from my sorority house (free meals at ADPi means I’m almost always there). Plus not having to wake up early is pretty great. There are two classes I’m particularly excited about: Engineering Team Management, my Engineering elective, and Exploring Culture Though Film, a General Education (GE) class.

ISE 344, the engineering team management class, looks awesome for several reasons. I get to put my leadership skills to work, my good friend is taking the class with me, and the word ‘team’ is in the class title. I love working in groups on projects and getting to know my classmates. My advisor told me this class would be similar to ROTC leadership classes, so hopefully it’s not too hard for me!

ANTH-263g is the GE class. I feel a little behind in taking my GE courses (most of my friends got them out of the way freshman and sophomore year), but I wanted to spread them out so I have a good balance with my more difficult engineering courses. This particular GE was appealing mainly because of the title—any class that involves movies is alright with me.

The rest of my classes are some upper division ISE courses, and of course my one ROTC class about Air Force Management and Leadership. I’ll still be lifeguarding next semester, and am looking into possibly running a half-marathon! Tons of my friends have run them and somehow loved it.. I have to see what’s so great about running 13. 1 miles! So far, next semester is looking great.