Most students find a way to avoid Friday classes, or doing anything at all on a Friday for that matter, but I can safely say that will never happen for me. Fridays are my busiest, but also most exciting, day of the week. Here’s a glimpse at what an average Friday in the life of an Air Force ROTC cadet, engineer, and sorority member involves:

(I’ll do it in military time for added effect)

0600: wake up, put on my Physical Training uniform, brush teeth, grab some food

0630: head to Physical Training at Cromwell Field, the big track in the center of campus

0700: Intense training time. We’re currently trying out cross-fit style workouts, and it’s a great way to start the morning. (sometimes)

0800: Hurry back to my sorority house, where I’m living this year, to shower and change into the uniform of the day for the rest of our training.

0900: Staff meeting with all the upperclassmen. We discuss what we’ll be doing during training, logistical operations, and any paperwork or upcoming events that need attention.

1000: Leadership Laboratory, the main training time we have for ROTC, begins. We’ll do as much as we can in two hours, which includes marching, leadership exercises, inspections, and sometimes (like today) beach trips!

1200: The long-awaited lunch break. I’ll usually head to Seed’s and grab a salad at their AMAZING salad bar. I might also drop by a professor’s office hours if we have homework or a test on Monday—that one-on-one time is always super helpful.

1300: Aerospace Studies, our ROTC class, begins.  This year it’s a three-hour class, but time flies by with great debates and discussions about current global events.

1600: Finish any paperwork for the day and attend a few meetings (I have three different jobs in ROTC, so there’s always something to plan!) then head back to my sorority house again.

1700: Tonight is our invite, so I showered, took a power nap, and headed out to dinner at this delicious Mexican restaurant called El Cholo.

Until midnight: I plan to have a blast at a really cool venue in downtown LA and dance with all my friends! Keeping up my energy until this point is only possible because I love everything that I’m doing. It’s not everywhere that you can go to school, the beach, and downtown in an amazing city all in one day! The best part? It’s only Friday!