Being a woman in Engineering at USC has been an amazing experience so far! I always knew I would go into some sort of technical field, and high school got me accustomed to taking classes with significantly fewer girls than guys. At USC, I really don’t even notice the girl to guy ratio in my classes—the collaborative environment encourages me to be open and work with everyone. I find that studying in groups has been the most beneficial tool for success.

My favorite class so far has been ISE 344, Engineering Team Management. I’ve really enjoyed applying the skills I learn from this class to all my group projects and extracurricular teams. We’ve had several really cool guest speakers in this class who offer advice based on their experience and relay information that I’ve used in many leadership situations. We get to work with a different group every time in this class, so it’s been great experience learning to adapt to different leadership styles and methods of working.

Looking ahead to the future, this summer I’m headed to Paris for Viterbi Overseas! I’m so excited to study engineering in a different culture and experience an entirely new way of life. I’m looking forward to the challenges of living in a country where I don’t speak the language, and getting to meet tons of fellow Viterbi students.

I couldn’t be more proud to be an woman in engineering at such a great university like USC. I know I’ll have plenty more opportunities to further define myself as a leader and woman in Viterbi!