I knew this semester would be a good one when I scored a schedule with no Tuesday or Thursday classes. I’m so excited to devote more time to extracurricular activities like my sorority, ROTC, and a most importantly a social life! Even with those two days off from school, I’m still keeping busy.

My semester in a nutshell:

1. Super interesting classes: My favorite is definitely IOM 431: Managing the Digital Revolution for your Business. We basically study companies that have mastered the use of technology and see how we can apply their clever strategies to an organization of our choice. I never thought I would study Chipotle for anything other than its burritos, but this class has lead me to discover how incredibly important digital strategies are for businesses. Another awesome class is ISE 440: Work, Technology, and Organization. This class is like the foundation of Industrial and Systems Engineering—we learn how to be effective managers and ethical leaders. We’re given real-life work problems and put on the spot to see how we deal with conflict and stress. I love classes that directly prepare you for future jobs, and this one nails it.

2. Exploring: I’m determined to eliminate my fear of getting lost while driving in California. There’s too much fun stuff to do! I’ve already taken a few trips to Huntington and Santa Monica beach, visited friends in San Diego and Fullerton, and shopped in pretty much every mall in Southern California. Running on the beach is my favorite when I have the time, and I’ll usually find a nice café to do homework in after. It’s always good to get off campus and enjoy the sunny weather!

3. ADPi involvement: With our huge new pledge class, there are so many girls to meet and hang out with! Recruitment was a great experience and I loved bonding with my sisters. We’ve already had a group hike to the Hollywood sign and have tons more events planned for the semester. Although I don’t have a leadership position in the house, there are always things to get involved in.

4. Last but not least, ROTC! This semester I’m a flight commander, which means I’m in charge of training a group of 16 cadets. It’s awesome to be on the other side of the program now that I’ve graduated Field Training—they all have to call me ma’am now. And of course I enjoy mentoring and watching them grow as leaders! I’m also a drill team commander and in charge of our Detachment’s finance… so much power. We have some activities to rival ADPi’s—a trip to Camp Pendleton to attempt their obstacle courses, and a training session at the beach.