As you might have read in my earlier blogs, Air Force ROTC has a special service honor society called Arnold Air. I joined the Society Freshman year after a very challenging candidate semester, during which we had to complete a certain number of service hours and obtain signatures from every active member by completing a task (one of them was to make 1,000 paper cranes).

I’ve held multiple positions in Arnold Air and helped train many new candidates, which has definitely helped me grow as a leader. This year, I have the opportunity to attend the National Conclave where members from all over the country meet to discuss the policies and procedures of the Society.  We also elect leaders for the upcoming year. Many of my friends from field training will be there, so it will be a great reunion! I’m also excited to celebrate with the cadets that recently found out what jobs they will have when they commission into the Air Force.

NATCON is being held in Atlanta this year. The staff has planned fun events all over the city, including a mixer at the World of Coca Cola, a military ball, and an Air Force Association Luncheon. Attractions near our hotel include the CNN Center, Georgia Dome, Six Flags, and more. We’ll attend conferences and speeches during the day, then explore at night!

And of course, since we’re a service society, there will be a community service project during the convention. Everyone has been asked to bring non-perishable food items to bring relief to struggling people in Atlanta. I’m glad we can be part of a good cause while having fun!

I’ll keep you posted on how the weekend goes!