Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to attend a super cool event organized by the Iovine and Young Academy. It was called “Web 3: The Tokenization of Everything”. 


I wasn’t exactly a Web3 aficionado. Sure, I think NFTs, tokenization, and Web3 are super important, interesting topics in technology today, but I didn’t have much exposure to the concepts prior to the event. 


Below is the flyer for the event. Cool people doing cool new things and talking about a cool topic? Count me in. 

I absolutely LOVED it. Hearing from industry experts about the background, present, and future of Web3 really engaged me in the topic. There were incredible people whom I would never have met without the connections and encouragement of USC.


Even if Web3 isn’t your forte, USC brings in countless authors, political figures, technology experts, artists, and noteworthy people for dozens of events throughout the year. 


The event imparted two main lessons on me: 

  1. USC is a school like no other with resources like NO OTHER
  2. There are always opportunities for you to learn outside of the classroom — for topics not touched in the classroom. 


I look forward to discovering and attending more USC events in the future!

Maya Neuenschwander

Maya Neuenschwander

MAJOR: Industrial and Systems Engineering YEAR: Class of 2024 HOMETOWN: Hudson, Wisconsin PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @schwanders I'm involved in interdisciplinary research investigating public health inequities along with being an officer for the Society of Women Engineers and a member of Engineers without Borders. Outside of school, I have my own photography business.