As the end of the year is quickly approaching, I’ve recently started applying for internships for this summer. Unfortunately, I was extremely busy during USC’s campus-wide career fair, so I was unable to attend the event. As a result, I have taken to browsing company websites and applying to anything and everything that I find interesting.

I have a backup job where I interned last summer, at C&D Zodiac in Huntington Beach. It is a subsidiary of Zodiac Aerospace, a French company, and it’s primary function is to design and build aircraft interior systems (galleys, overhead bins, cabin liners, etc.). I had an amazing time working there last summer and got to participate in some awesome projects, including designing a full-size Airbus A320 frame in Catia and overseeing it’s construction for a “mock-up”.

However, I have also considered expanding my horizons this summer and getting other sorts of experience. I applied for three different positions with Northrop Grumman, one with L-3 Communications, and one with Masimo Corporation. Additionally, I also applied for a Gas Turbine Industrial Fellowship Program which would be extremely interesting, especially considering I am in an Energy and Propulsion course this semester that will teach us all about turbines.

Hopefully I will hear back within a few week so I can start to get this upcoming summer figured out!