As a senior, it seems like so long ago that I moved into USC as a freshman. However, the memories that I made living in Birnkrant Residence Hall freshman year will always stay with me. I consider Birnkrant, especially the “triple” rooms, THE place to live on campus. The triples have two rooms – with the desks and couch/tv/etc. in one room and beds and closets in the other – rather than a cramped, single room with a bunked bed. For me, it was an ideal living situation, because one of us could stay up working or hanging out with friends in one room without keeping our other roommates up due to light or sound. I got two awesome roommates, one of which happened to go to high school with me, who are still my good friends to this day. In addition to my roommates, my best friends I’ve had throughout college lived on the same floor as me in Birnkrant, so deciding to live there was definitely one of the best decisions I made before coming to USC.

For more information on my living experience in Birnkrant during my freshman year, you can check out the previous blog I wrote. All in all, I would highly recommend choosing Birnkrant as a housing option for your freshman year!