Wow, I can’t believe another semester is over. School is flying by, and the fact that I am already a second semester Junior kind of scares me. I am enjoying every second here at USC and I already can’t wait to be back at school with my friends. The end of the year was pretty hectic for me, between increases in track training, final projects, papers, and tests, distributing for Monster Energy Drinks, and looking for summer internships. All in all though, I would say that the semester was a huge success. Despite the fact that I averaged about 6 hours of sleep for the semester, I was able to line up a great interview and potential summer internship  with C&D Zodiac (an aerospace firm), I got an A in my Mechoptronics class (one of the harder classes offered in Viterbi), I got a 100% on my SolidWorks final/certification test (so now I am a Certified SolidWorks Associate!), and track training has been going better than it has in years past. That said, I am really looking forward to some relax time at home with my family and friends from high school. Additionally, I am taking a trip to Austin, Texas over break to visit family from there and celebrate New Years with a few friends from there.

I know I haven’t been great about keeping up with this as school and track started to take over, but next semester will be different. I can’t wait to be back at USC for the spring semester of my Junior year, and hopefully I can continue the success I had first semester. Have a great break and Fight On!