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There are so many different ways to become involved on campus, that you cannot go wrong!  I took an interest in rocket vehicles and joined the Rocket Propulsion Laboratory to really get some quality hands-on experience.  The Rocket Propulsion Lab is looking to be the first student organization into space.  It is completely student run where we design, build, and test all of the components ourselves.


Throughout my time with this design club, I have had the opportunity to participate in multiple launches and countless trips out to Mojave Desert and Black Rock Desert.  Aside from the design element and the enormous amount of knowledge I gained, the club was just plain fun.  When we go out to launch in the desert it is a weekend of pure enjoyment.  My first time in Mojave Desert it was a clear night and the stars, planets, and Milky Way were out in full force.  A more senior member of the lab had brought his telescope and it was amazing to see the Mars so vividly.

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Though some rockets end up on temporary loan in Mojave Desert, we have had our share of successes with some rockets launched and recovered three times. It is fantastic to work with a group of people who are passionate about their work and want you to succeed.  This is something that any student would want regardless of engineering, business, or communication.  In this dynamic environment I have machined fins and conducted motor integrations. Aside from the simulations and the launches, Rocket lab offers a collaborative space and access to a machine shop for creative minds.  It is an avenue to exchange ideas and learn more about some of the leaders in undergraduate engineering!  We are here to share insight into classes, industry practices, all the while building an awesome rocket vehicle!


See you in space,

Markus M.

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