Hey guys,

This semester has flown by!  It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is over and finals are right around the corner.  So many things have happened to make this semester truly memorable.  Below I have listed some of the highlights from my semester, Enjoy!

10.  Studio Visit

Throughout the semester I have gotten the opportunity to visit recording and publishing studio Stereotypes and lend a hand where I can.  The work I do there is not too difficult, but allows me to meet and greet with any artist coming in to record, write, or just create.  It is a fantastic atmosphere to unwind after a long week and listen to good music with good company.  I will definitely be frequenting this place come next semester!

9.   New Car

I bought a new car! Whaa!  Well, it is not actually new.  As I look further into summer internships I began to understand the convenience of a car.  Los Angeles is absolutely accessible without one, but it is a nice commodity.  I found a 1999 328i BMW at a reasonable price and saw it as a sign from God to make the purchase.  Now, I have been able to explore much more of LA on my own time and try different food places along the way!


8.  Beach Days

What would living in southern California be like if I did not go to the beach every once in awhile.  Perfect weather calls for a quick hop over to Santa Monica  or Manhattan beach for a relaxing day.  Towards the start of the semester a good friend held her birthday dinner in a condo right along the Santa Monica beach.  She hired an excellent chef to cook a 5 course meal while we enjoyed the sun and relaxed.  Now I’m not too sure what paradise looks like, but I can imagine this was pretty close.

7.  Thanksgiving in San Francisco

Every year my family holds Thanksgiving at our abode for our relatives, but this year was different!  We packed up and headed to Berkeley/Oakland area for Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house.  A week mostly dedicated to eating rather than homework made for an interesting Thanksgiving.  Nonetheless, I was productive the last few days and before I returned to USC, the men in the family attended the annual Auto Show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  New production models for each car company were on display as well as the opportunity to test drive.


6.  NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

For ASTE 330, my professor took our class on a tour of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.  Visiting their mission command center and seeing the actual test model for Curiosity was very inspirational.  The Jet Propulsion Lab is quite large and we could not see every facility. I guess this translates into I will be back!


5.  SpaceX Tour

Many members of Rocket Lab have interned and now work at SpaceX giving us the valuable privilege of touring their design and production facilities located in Hawthorne.  Having gone once before, it is amazing how quickly the facilities adapt to the needs of these engineers by constantly installing new machines and work stations.

4.  Rocket Launch

In September, Traveler, the USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory’s Space-attempt rocket took flight.  While it failed about a quarter of the way into its predicted flight time, adjustments have been made so be on the lookout for Traveler 2!

3.  The Weekender

This was the first semester I attended the Weekender and it was amazing!  Walking through Berkeley’s campus I was pleasantly surprised at the huge Trojan presence both on the street and at fraternity tailgates!  It was like being back home at USC.  Of course it was a given that we would return to USC with the victory.

2.  Homecoming Game–Beat Stanford!

This nail-biting game had a happy ending when we won by a last minute field goal.  Once time expired, myself and the rest of the student section flooded the field to congratulate our team.  Words cannot describe the ambiance of that moment.  The entire student body was united as one, a huge force of pride and spirit.  This moment can be described 100 times, but it takes just 1 experience to understand its impact.


1.  Trip to New York for Christmas

While I have not left for Winter holiday, I will be spending a significant amount in New York’s Time Square.  Growing up in California a Christmas filled with snow is unheard of.  In New York, a Christmas holiday without snow is unheard of.  This I can work with.  It has been awhile since I last visited New York and I cannot wait to reconnect with favorite restaurants and shops!

Just a little insight into the life of a Trojan!

Fight On,




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