Hi Guys,

Every year it seems like I find a bunch of new study spots!  I recently have grown fond of the Wallis Annenberg building that was recently constructed.  Aside from the beautiful USC architecture expressing a more Gothic-style, the building is at the heart of the campus, making it easy to get food or as a central point to meet up with a group or friends.  In addition, everything inside is state of the art equipment and hosts a creative vibe!

Generally speaking, here are some attributes I look for when finding the best study spot:

  • Long Tables
  • Restroom
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Food Options
  • Plethora of Outlets
  • Ambiance
  • View(s)
  • Noise Level

The Wallis Annenberg Hall has multiple floors that cater to almost every need.  There is a quaint cafe at the ground floor where coffee and light snacks are served.  If you want something more substantial, the Campus Center filled with food is located next door.  Traveling to the second floor, there are alcoves with long tables and built in outlets along with white boards.  If I need a quieter space for a group project, I can reserve a room there too!  Aside from the alcoves and rooms, long tables and comfortable chairs arranged in an open space with a view of Cromwell Field.  If you want a more personal space, there are individual chairs and media desks on the first floor.  I have yet to explore past the second floor, but I cannot wait to see what other cool things this building has to offer!

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