Hey guys, I’m back!

Spring semester has begun and school is in full swing!  Over a relaxing winter break, I visited New York for the holidays and turned 21!  Being in New York for my 21st birthday was so fun with everything accessible and seemingly never ending.  Having gone with my family and cousins, we did much of the tourist-y things such as Circle Cruise tours, and visiting the different districts, making sure to stop over in SoHo for shopping!  The rest of break was dedicated to family time and catching up with relatives and friends.  But now that break has ended, I now look forward to the excitement Spring semester has to offer.

This Spring I have the privilege and opportunity to participate in USC’s premiere progrm, iPodia which links engineering students from around the world to collaborate in projects.  Aside from the ability to work with students from Japan, Taiwan, India, Israel, and other countries, I will also be able to travel to Israel at the end of the Spring semester as a course continuation of sorts where I can actually meet the students I have worked with throughout the semester!  In addition I am taking my last semester of Mechoptronics, a course that has a reputation for being very difficult, but also one I have come to enjoy and appreciate.

IMG_6649 IMG_6521

The beginning of Spring semester means the Rocket Propulsion Lab will be back to work, this time working on three separate vehicles and hopefully 3 launches by May.  In between launches there will be propulsion testing and static fires out in Mojave Desert with the first scheduled for this weekend 01/25/2014!  We waste no time and hit the ground running!  This semester I will also be working with a group of people to bring a chapter of Sigma Eta Pi (Professional Entrepreneurship Fraternity) to USC.  An exciting time filled with a large To Do List, I cannot wait!  Leggoo!


Fight On!




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