It is bittersweet to call myself a Junior at USC!  The past three years have gone by so quickly and now I am a full fledged upperclassman.  Yikes!   This semester I am sporting the usual engineering workload:  Thermodynamics, Mechoptronics, Spacecraft Propulsion, Aeronautics and Space Environment II, and Computational Solutions.   So far I am really liking my professors and the course material, it is all so interesting!  After a great weekend of tailgating and watching the (unfortunate) Trojan football game, the workload has officially started.  So many new things to take into account this year!  No more University housing, no meal plan, internet and utility bills, and friends are spread around campus!

Even with my courses, my main focus is on preparing for the USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory’s Space-shot Vehicle, Traveler, launch on September 21st.

Space-shot Rocket from USC RPL

The whole of lab has been working extremely hard to make this dream a reality and we are now on the final stages!  This means more late nights in lab, and later nights for homework.  But in the end it is the times like these that define your college experience and make you appreciate the material you are learning.  As of now, there is still plenty of work to do, but expect an update in the coming weeks!

So this year I cannot wait to start taking my upper-division classes, meet new people, and reinforce old friendships!  Now as an active member of VSA, I cannot wait to talk to students and share my USC experience!  And when it seems that nothing can go wrong, with the year off to a great start….my refrigerator breaks within 5 days of my moving in.  To Be Continued.



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