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Who would have thought that nestled in the hills near Malibu and Pacific Palisades rested an old abandoned Nazi compound.  Created during the World War for Hitler by Nazi-enthusiasts, it has long been vacated and deteriorated.  Over time, as people have come and gone, graffiti art has taken root.

Many of the structures and buildings are covered with intricate designs, slogans, and pictures.   These pieces of art display a side of human creativity often disregarded.  The compound is an excellent escape from the bustle of downtown Los Angeles.  I would have never expected to find such a change of scenery within the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.  However, there are many great hikes and natural landmarks throughout the southern California valley.

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This hike began in the residential regions near Pacific Palisades and snaked into the hills along a Fire Road where the houses abruptly vanished and were replaced with shrubs, and an assorted greenery.  This trail opens into a paved way where a chink in the fence is the only indication that more lies beyond the paved trail.  Following the steps down, we saw our first piece of graffiti art, a large rusted tank.  Behind this another set of stairs led down to the rest of the compound.  When we reached the house, the entire structure was accessible.  The roof, basement, and catwalks all hosted different styles of graffiti.  Even with my limited knowledge of graffiti, there is a certain appreciation demanded by any piece of artwork.  It dives into the thoughts, emotions, and rational of the artist.  There were fractal patterns, animations, and sketches throughout.


Continuing further we reached the main gate and an open space littered with an old car, and other concrete structures.  By the end of the day, we had walked over 500 stairs, and saw a piece of history in a very different light.  It is adventures like these that make Los Angeles one of the most interesting places in the world.

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