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Lately a few videos have been forwarded to me regarding a number of interesting individuals.  The videos ranged from athletes, to dancers, musicians, and craftsmen.  After watching the numerous videos I began to gain a new respect and understanding for people who dedicate their life to a craft or a skill.  These are people who have found something they are not only good at, but just genuinely love to do.  And within this craft they are able to change that industry as a whole by adding their own creative element and flare.

For athletes such as basketball players, some of the up and coming high school and college players are using tricks and moves that the NBA has not even seen yet.  And these kids are doing it naturally.  You can see the evolution of the game and get a preemptive glimpse into what the NBA will look like in a few years.  It is here that creativity is praised over height, strength, and money.  It is here that you see a love for what basketball is, a game.  These are the moments that are often overlooked and seen as stepping stones into the next stage of life whether that be a college scholarship or NBA draft.  It is only through videography that we can really see the ingenuity of just having fun.  The same goes for dancers who let the music move them.  It is not forced, it is fluid.  I have had the chance to also see certain rappers freestyle–authentic freestyles, on the spot and not scripted.  While people may be quick to discount a rapper due to the stigma associated with that lifestyle, freestyling well begs a certain level of respect.  The individual is on the spot and is taking in his or her environment , thoughts, moods, and passions to create a rhyme.  The spotlight is on them the entire time so failure is not an option.  Watching these sessions you can see their mind working in overdrive, thinking 10, 16 steps ahead, all the while paying attention to the words currently coming out of their mouth.


Now with craftsmen it is a little different.  Many of these people have dedicated their life to this trade and do everything in their power to perfect it.  They know every inch, every blemish, and defect possible.  This is seen in many do it yourself (DIY) artists who work in leather, metal, or clay.  And when I see them at work, more so then the physical entity their are molding, it is their expression and posture of pure zen that speaks volumes.  In a society praising achievement and “success”, what we often miss and do not realize until too late is the element of organic peace.  Our world is so different than theirs.  We arguably have more “things”, but these craftsmen possess the intangible–an almost euphoria of complete understanding regarding their craft and an impeccable command over it.


While I do not suggest we all run and ditch our modern education and become zen masters, perhaps an awareness to this other side of the coin is what we need to remain grounded with our lives and choices put into perspective.

Food for thought! And Fight On!


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