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I have lived both in University-owned housing as well as private housing throughout my college years.  In my freshman year, I lived in Marks Hall, sophomore year in Troy East, and now I am currently living on 3oth street, one block from campus.  In all instances, I have had a positive and painless experience!

As a freshman, I lived in Marks Hall which was seconds away from Ground Zero, the premiere milkshake spot on campus and a few more seconds away from Leavey Library.  It was a great location and was also between Pardee Tower, and Marks Tower.  Many of my friends now, I met in freshman year simply because we lived so close to one another.  Also, the dining commons are right next to Leavey Library, officially making everything a couple steps away from my dorm room.  I liked how Marks Hall was two floors because it did not require moving all of my stuff up an elevator or multiple stairs!  The gym underneath the building was convenient for a late night work out too!  Many USC hosted events such as Springfest, and Conquest were right outside my dorm so I could always attend any event I wished!  However, the times just kept getting better as I moved to Troy East for my sophomore year.

IMG_0199Marks Hall

After meeting many people during my freshman year, I was able to choose my roommates and location for sophomore year!  We lived in Troy East, basically on-campus and an extension of the dorms.  It was all USC students and I met just as many people here if not more!  I will admit that Troy East was better than the dorms because I had a stove, oven, and full-sized refrigerator.  Being someone who enjoys cooking on weekends and throughout the week, the stove played a crucial role for myself and dinner with the roommates.  USC provided desks, chairs, tables, and beds so the move in was so painless!

IMG_2280Troy Hall



As a junior I chose to live in non-University housing, but even so I live a block away from campus on 30th street.  Like most upperclassmen, my friends and I began living on the same street, some in houses and others in apartments. It is always fun to visit a friend and see how they have decorated their living space.  We have a stove, oven, refrigerator, and dish washer too so the adjustment was minimal between my apartment now and Troy East.  I would definitely recommend living in the dorms and then University housing for freshman and sophomore year, and in your junior year branching out to live with more friends in a house or larger apartment.  It has helped facilitate my personal development and maturity.


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