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As Midterm season progresses and Finals loom in the distance, I have decided to disclose some of my favorite study spots around campus.  Depending on if it is a group project or just studying alone, I have discovered some awesome study spots and environments! l

When faced with a group project and the study rooms in Leavey Library are naturally crowded, I have found the Starbucks across the street from campus on Hoover Street, hosts one of the best environments to be productive.  The ambiance of Starbucks with its long tables makes it perfect for groups and collaborative projects or just a joint homework session.  Plus, if you ever get tired or hungry, look no further to get a cup of coffee or bite to eat.  In any good study spot, my main concerns include number of outlets, nearby bathroom, and work space, all of which Starbucks has plenty!   There are always people working at Starbucks to maintain a productive atmosphere and it helps to keep me accountable and on task.  The only drawback is that Starbucks closes at midnight, so extra incentive to complete my work before then! If I am working on individual work or projects, I look to other means and places to keep me on task.  In Doheny Library, there are individual cubicles with just enough space for your books and your thoughts.

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When I am studying on my own, I like to be in an environment where I am not comfortable and there are minimal distractions.  In the basement sections of Doheny Library, each cubicle can only fit one person and there are not any decorations, or luxuries.  I have found that this setting has allowed me to really focus on my work with the lack of distractions.  The confinement to this one spot increases my productivity since it is not a place I am comfortable in and want to leave as soon as I can.  This backwards logic seems to trick my brain into focusing at the work at hand so I can resume other activities outside of the basement. Where ever your study spot may be, we all have our own tricks and study habits.  However, a change of scenery can help in your productivity!  I would recommend you give these spots a try!

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