Hey Guys!

I hope those of you who got a chance to caravan up California for the weekender had a fantastic time!  I have gone twice, and never regretted it.  If you get the opportunity, buy tickets and make the trip!  It is unreal to see how USC comes and conquers Berkeley, San Francisco, and the Bay Area during this weekend.  Not only that, but it is fun to go and meet new people at the many tailgates scattered throughout the campus.


When I returned to USC, I finalized my course load.  This Fall I will be taking AME 441a Senior Design, AME 451 Linear Controls, AME 308 Computer Aided Design, and MOR 469 Negotiations and Persuasion.  I am excited to take the Negotiations and Persuasion course because it offers insight into life skills that I can use far beyond my time at USC.  It is also a nice breath of fresh air from the technical challenges by my other AME courses.   However I am particularly excited for AME 441a Senior Design.  Here I am investigating the application of Mobile Free-Space Optical Communication with a moving target.  FSO is much like fiber optics, but removes the cables and infrastructure required.  Instead it transmits data packets at the speed of light via a modulated laser.  This inherently allows for a secure transmission between two points.

My project will be to construct an FSO platform that not only sends data to an LED Display, but also autonomously track an RC Tank on which the display is attached.  This course is only one semester, so already every group is severely limited in time and funds.  Aside from this, I am interested in learning more about Linear Controls and their application to spacecraft and airborne systems.

Let me know what your schedule is looking like!



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