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This summer has flown by so quickly, but did not disappoint in the memories or the adventures!  Right when the semester ended, I had the opportunity to travel with the iPodia Program to Israel where we experienced its rich and ancient history firsthand.  Out of all the places I visited, I would have to say that Acre/Old Akko was quite amazing with its underground network of tunnels that wound throughout the port city.  This was followed by the Bahai Gardens and Jerusalem.  I enjoyed the Tel Aviv vibrant night life and it truly seemed that no one ever slept.  Restaurants, and people were constantly on the streets and beaches!  Another highlight was definitely swimming in the Dead Sea, where you could never really sink!  Interestingly enough, the water is so potently salty that if you got it in your eyes or drank a bit of the water, you would have to be seriously treated in an Emergency Room.  On the flip side, the mud in the Dead Sea is therapeutic to your skin and is highly rich in minerals.


When I returned from Israel, I worked with Northrop Grumman Aerospace Corporation under the Advanced Extremely High Frequency Military Communication Satellite program.  Here I worked with the Database group to construct Payload constants and constraints as well as developed tools to generate 3D Calibration Curves and check Bi-Variate limits.  I found Northrop to have a very interactive culture that is making serious moves to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation.  Because of this I am continuing my internship with Northrop during the school year in the Advanced Programs & Technology or the Unmanned Systems group.  I would recommend Northrop to anyone interested in the Aerospace sector!  Aside from the technical aspect, Northrop offered fun events like the Aerospace Games where all the aerospace companies like Raytheon, Boeing, SpaceX, Aerospace Corporation, etc. come to compete in things like volleyball on Manhattan Beach!  Of course, Northrop took First Place and reclaimed the trophy from temporary storage at SpaceX.

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