Before coming to USC, I fostered this love for the outdoors.  Whether it was a casual hike to backpacking, kayaking, or camping, I grew to enjoy taking a break from the craziness in the city and relinquish myself to the forces of nature.  When you are among the grandeur of majestic mountains, and towering redwoods it reminds us of Mother Nature’s power.  Arriving at USC, I wanted to find people who shared a similar passion.

62773_1437748108582_6804538_nI could not have found a more appropriate student organization than SC Outfitters.  With this group of highly enthusiastic adventurers, I have been able to backpack the highest point in Southern California, among other hikes.  We took two days to reach 11,500 feet, carrying our food, tents, sleeping bag, extra clothes, and miscellaneous necessities.  Having not backpacked for a few years, I was definitely feeling the strain, but when we reached milestones, took in the scenery, and finally achieved our goal, it was nothing short of amazing.


With the high-stress from classes, projects, and other student organization assignments, the escape into the outdoors  was not only much needed, but allowed me to relax and refocus.  Even if you did not have any experience in the outdoors or have not really explored beyond Los Angeles, the club offered a range of activities including surfing, rock climbing, backpacking, cycling, kayaking, and trips that allowed you to stay multiple nights.  With each activity came with a ranking of difficulty and a brief description on what you were getting yourself into.  All skill-levels could participate and have some taste for a different side of Southern California.  I would highly recommend going on at least one outing just to see a different kind of beauty besides the high-risers and concrete jungle of LA!  I guarantee you will come back with exciting memories and even better stories.






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