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As an engineer, I have come to really value my weekends and the free days where I can explore Los Angeles and go to my favorite food, beach, and hang out spots! Coming from Northern California, we do not have the same luxury of nice beaches and perfect weather so on my free days I make the most of it there!  However, when I want to get some work done and just relax with some laughs, great hang out spots are not very far away.


One of the best people watching spots happens to be Santa Monica Beach, where you have anything you may need to relax.  Pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, and shops nearby, this beach has much to offer.  Especially when I have non-engineering work to do, lounging right on the beach provides the best reading spots.  Of course there is the Santa Monica Pier, and a well-paved bike path along the beach to either go for a morning jog or cycling!   And in some cases, the beach is a great place to spend time with friends and that significant other.  If you get tired of the Santa Monica buzz, you can take the bike pathway to Venice Beach where you can see the historic Venice Beach Muscle Gym and beach-side culture.  There are always interesting street vendors and performers both in Santa Monica and Venice Beach sites providing for anyone’s interests!


When I am not going to the beach or getting a nice bite to eat in Hollywood, I enjoy spending time at the Stereotypes Producing Music Studio.  It is such a dynamic atmosphere where innovation and creative thrive.  It has a common room with all sorts of food, and numerous televisions.  Through the studio doors, the facility hosts state of the art recording studios and lounging areas for artists.  With the amount of artists and music constantly streaming through, I cannot imagine a better working atmosphere.  Here, I can work on homework, watch a sports game, listen to fantastic music, or just hang out and hope for a celebrity to walk through the doors!  It is an awesome break from the technical rigor of my engineering classes!  Plus, when the studio has some free time, I can showcase my own vocal talent!  What I may lack in dynamic range, I hope to make up in effort and enthusiasm!

Check out their website: http://stereotypesonline.com/ !



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