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Many people always question whether or not they have space declare a minor as an engineering major and the answer is yes!!! With Viterbi’s flexible schedule (not to mention any classes freed up from AP units), I was able to arrange my coursework to have enough units to fit in a minor and explore the field I’m interested. There are hundreds of minors to choose from and it is actually encouraged to take on a minor in a different discipline to expand your knowledge and get the most out of your time at USC!

I know some may consider it foolish, but a big deciding factor in which college I was going to attend was its competitiveness in sports because I enjoys them so much. Because of that, I decided to declare a Sports Business & Management Minor to peak my interests as well as give myself a break from my engineering coursework every semester. Though I am only a semester in with my minor coursework, I have learned so much in my business classes that has enabled me to enter business competitions. I am also looking forward to a negotiations class that can help me outside of the industry in everyday life.

Most of the minors don’t require you to do to declare, but the Marshall School of Business and the School of Cinematic Arts are two schools that I know require an application (which is not by any means hard) to make sure you actually want to learn about the subject. And if you don’t want to decide on one major you can always take classes that interest you! My roommate last year, who is a Computer Science major, is the TA for sailing and has taken many sailing courses at USC as well as an Entrepreneurship. If you want to learn about anything, I’ll bet USC offers it.

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Mark is a sophomore studying Civil Engineering with a structural emphasis and a minor in Sports Business and Management. Click above to find out more!

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