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This week I want to give a shout out to weekends, a time of endless (two days) opportunity. Some other students have formed a picture of day-to-day life in Viterbi, but what about when school’s off? What do weekends for engineer look like? Honestly, they can look like anything, especially if you’re willing to try new things. Some of the stuff I’ve done

Engineering Conference

Opening address to an awesome conference

Opening address to an awesome conference

I mentioned in my last blog that I was headed off to the Out For Undergrad Engineering Conference. The conference was last weekend at Stanford, and it was such an amazing time. The conference as in its first year, and was actually started by a USC alum!

Explore Los Angeles



A few weeks ago my sister and her fiancee visited, which gave me the excuse to explore LA again. I went to Malibu with them, and I also got to check out more of the LA music scene at the Largo! I also finally went to Intellegencia, which is an ultra hip, people writing screenplays kind of coffee shop.

Engineering Organization Retreat

Early on in the semester I spent one weekend up at Temescal canyon with the Viterbi President’s Council representing QuEST. The retreat used ropes course, hiking, and personality exercises to open up a dialogue about how to be a motivated leader.  I also met Zen, an actual person who personifies chill, and I got to spend time with Ian and Betty!

Six Flags/Beach/Gameday

Genus Orchidaceae showing their true colors! #beatthetrees #GAMEDAY

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One particularly active weekend, I went to a theme park Friday night, the beach the next morning, and got back in time for the Stanford game. Six Flags Magic Mountain is only about an hour away, so I took off after my last class on Friday and stayed at the park until midnight. Then I woke up and headed to Santa Monica to play volleyball and hang out on the pier. I had to leave early to make it back in time for game day!

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Company Tours

so worth the early wake up

So yours truly woke up at six in the morning today to go tour SpaceX! We got to see presentations from SpaceX, SolarCity, and Tesla and  talk to company reps after. I actually got an invitation to this event through Viterbi, and it was such a great start to the weekend.


All of these opportunities were actually really easy to set up. For most of them, I just had to check my email and RSVP, which gets harder and harder as the semester goes on. So if you’re wondering what a typical weekend is like for an engineer, it’s a broad spectrum!

Fight on for weekends!



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