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This week I’m going to spotlight my campus hot-spots, which for the record is something I take VERY seriously. I absolutely love scouting new places on campus to study or hang out, so let it be known that these locations have been well tested by yours truly. It’s a short, but well curated list.

Grace Ford Salvatori Hall

Maria GFS

This spot is more out of convenience than anything else, but boy is it convenient. GFS is situated between all my classes, so the second floor study spaces are prime locations. The building is also open on the weekends, which unfortunately is something I look for in a study spot. The location also has an awesome view of the track field and pretty sunsets.

Dean’s List

I burnt my tongue right before this picture was taken; there are tears in my eyes

I burnt my tongue right before this picture was taken; there are tears in my eyes


This cafe is a new find for me. It’s located under the University Religious Center, and opens up into a cute below-ground patio area. My favorite part is the donation jars lining one wall, where customers can throw their receipt in to support their favorite USC org! And they draw an A+ in hot sauce on the side of your sandwich order, which makes me smile.


The Engineering Quad is most engineer’s favorite spot on campus. It holds a special place in our Viterbi hearts because we walk past it every day and it’s such a great place to sit down for lunch, meet for school projects, and maybe accidentally take a nap.

Wallis Annenberg Hall 

Totally looks like a castle

Totally looks like a castle

Or in other words, my actual home. New Annenberg is my main study spot, there for me before every exam, quiz, and essay. I love the clean, futuristic aesthetic and the comfortable chairs and easy access outlets and the coffee shop in the building. There’s no better place to put your headphones in and bop your head while finishing a homework assignment!

Ronald Tutor Campus Center 


Ronald Tutor Campus Center is probably my favorite lunch option. It’s at the heart of campus and has a ton of options like California Pizza Kitchen, the Habit, Panda Express, and Lemonade. I’m actually at Lemonade in that picture, and I love the views from the balcony. It also makes for great people watching, and the outside piano leads to some cool live music.

And to end with, I wanted to share some great news! I’m going to study abroad this summer in Madrid! And since I’ll be taking USC classes there, I’m going to consider the entire city of Madrid one of my favorite spots on campus.

As always, fight on!


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