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Today’s blog is honestly a love story starring yours truly and the Los Angeles metropolitan area. I wrote earlier about exploring Los Angeles, so this week I want to write about just what I did this past week to give a sense of how much of a difference living in the heart of somewhere like LA makes.

Ellen Show


They’re both clearly so excited for Bieber Week on Ellen!

Last tuesday, I went to class at 9:30 am as usual, and then drove off campus over to Burbank to see a taping of the Ellen show. I got tickets just by applying online, and got to watch Ellen’s 1999th episode live.


Diddy Riese Celebrity Sighting

Friday night my friends and I headed over to Westwood to go buy an obnoxious amount of cookies at Diddy Riese. We’re waiting in line when a nice man asks us if he can cut us in line, and in return buy our cookies for us. He didn’t really seem concerned that we were each buying a dozen cookies, but we shrugged it off until someone else in line asked to take a picture with him and we realized Chris Paul of the LA Clippers just bought us like 40 chocolate chip cookies.

Pasadena Hike

Sidenote: Did some spontaneous rock climbing and got myself stuck for a good while

Sidenote: Did some spontaneous rock climbing and got myself stuck for a good while

This morning I headed over to Eaton Canyon to go on a morning hike (noon being my definition of morning during the weekend). I drove maybe 30 minutes away from campus and hiked 3 miles over to a cute waterfall, and then crossed a few creeks before heading to In-N-Out for lunch.

Rocky Horror Picture Show


Look how happy those shadows look!

Tonight I’m headed over to the Nuart theater to see their weekly showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a cult classic. I’ve heard it’s tons of fun, and a really campy experience. They host it every single Saturday at midnight, and I could not be more excited to do the Time Warp again!

This list isn’t the most extensive, see everything LA has to offer guide, but instead should give you all a picture of what an average week can be like in Los Angeles. As a bonus, everything on this list was free with a little bit of luck. But honestly, my best advice would be to come out and see for yourself!

Fight on!

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