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It’s fall and the engineering area of campus is alive with the sound of undergraduates printing out their 18th draft of a resume. It’s our SoCal version of leaves rustling for autumn. I fell right into the spirit, and have joined the Great Internship Search. Before I go into that, I wanted to talk about what I did this summer instead of an internship.

I spent the summer researching in a lab on campus. I describe my project in more detail here, Researching full time is such a rewarding experience because you can devote yourself to your project with no distractions. The experience also made me really look into grad school, because I got so acquainted with my lab coworkers, most of whom are Ph.D. or Master’s students. A big plus for me though was that after work got out, I was in LA with nothing holding me back.

maria research

Shout out to research lab Jacob for always exploring


This semester, I’m focusing myself on searching for the right internship. It’s been really fun so far. I’ve been attending info sessions for companies around campus, and going to different student org networking nights. Last Thursday, I attended the Northrop Grumman Corporation’s takeover of Ronald Tutor Hall. NGC basically set up camp in RTH and put an airplane outside and then seriously over-catered.

maria quest

QuEST repping it at the NGC Showcase

Next weekend I’m flying up to Stanford for the Out for Undergrad Engineering Conference, which will temptingly feature several companies recruiting. But really what everyone is getting amped up about is the Career Fair. It’s coming up his Wednesday, and consists of recruiting companies set up all around the engineering quad ready to get to know students. It’s my favorite networking event because I enjoy being able to walk up to all these different companies and sort of test the waters. You also talk to someone face-to-face, unlike most internship applications.

Here’s hoping next blog I write about my several internship offers that I’m drowning in.

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