Listen up! I’m about to educate you on how to be successful in college starting from week one. Here are tried and true methods to get your first year off to an amazing start!

Disclaimer: They are a bit cheesy, but they worked for me.

  1. Say Hi to Everyone in the Elevator

I’m serious, I know it sounds cheesy but you’re in this elevator for a minute with nothing to do, and you can turn it into a great way to meet new people. You won’t be best friends, but you’ll recognize them at random events throughout the year and it’ll be a friendly face. Plus if they’re in your classes, you already know someone.

  1. On That Note, Be Friendly To Everyone

This one should be easy. The atmosphere around your first week is going to be one of the most collaborative things you will ever experience. Remember that everyone here has been anticipating college the entire past summer. It’s an amazing energy, so just make sure to keep that up! The people you’re meeting this week could be some of your best friends!

  1. Put Yourself Out There

This one is harder from some than others. You don’t have the be the center of attention in every room, but keep in mind that you have to show people who you are for them to want to get to know you. You’re a stranger to people until you put yourself out there. The faster you open up, the faster SC will feel like home.


  1. You Don’t Have To Reinvent Yourself Immediately

It’s completely expected that you want to change while you’re in college. Most people do. However, it’s okay to come to college and not immediately be the coolest kid on the block. Change takes time, and if you rush into freshman year with this idea of who you’re supposed to be, you’re just cheating yourself. Don’t fake your personality, because college is a chance to really be yourself for once.


  1. Try Not To Be Overwhelmed

Starting college is intimidating. You’ll be meeting tons of new people, and everyone is trying to show off their best side. You meet all these awesome new people, but that might leave you feeling like you don’t measure up. Just know they probably feel the same way about you. College isn’t a popularity contest, so don’t waste your time trying to see how you’re worse. No one is comparing you to anyone else. They are meeting you as you are and are probably just looking for someone friendly, so calm down.

And with that, you have my tried-and-true method for making it through your first week successfully! Honestly, you’ll be fine no matter what. Just try not to stress too much; you’ll feel silly after.






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  • Grace says:

    Thanks for all your advice! This really helped me through my first week 🙂 can’t wait to read the rest of your blogs! Fight on!!