Hey all!

First things first: obligatory “spring back into things” pun in honor of spring semester, a magical time of three day weekends, spring break, and slowly breaking your New Year’s resolutions!

Let’s talk winter break! Here’s a nice album of what I’ve been doing the past month:


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If my fun, zesty photos don’t speak for themselves, I had a great time going back home to Florida and spending time with my family and friends. Some highlights included losing at bowling, holding a baby gator, and accidentally going to a wig party with no wigs and a lot of questions.

And while break was tons of fun, I am so glad spring semester is here! I’ll break it down for you all:

The Classes

My class schedule

My class schedule

I’m really excited for my classes this semester! I’m taking Organic Chemistry, an Accounting class for my business finance minor, a class on America in the Vietnam War, and then two Chemical Engineering classes.

The Involvements

This semester I joined a group called WYSE, Women and Youth Supporting Eachother, so I’ll be going out to local middle schools to mentor the girls and talk with them about identity, and health education, and just everything I wish I’d known about.

I’m also continuing as executive board member for QuEST, and I’m really excited in the direction we’re moving this semester. We’ll be doing bimonthly presentations on cool after college topics, setting up group outings, and continuing our career connections and general events.

I’ll also be continuing to work researching carbon fiber composites this semester. I’m really excited especially since I just found out I get to play with new toys (sophisticated instrumentation)!

The Plans

But my favorite part of spring semester is the plans you get to make for the weekends, spring break, and summer! Last weekend was a three day weekend and I had such a fun time. The cover photo for this blog is a gorgeous hike I went on last Sunday. Here’s also a visual representation of how happy I was this weekend:




Next three day weekend or spring break I’m planning on going camping up at Big Sur, which would be a check mark on my bucket list. And this summer I’m studying abroad in Madrid through the Viterbi Overseas Program!

Stay tuned, folks. there are big things to come!

As always, fight on!



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