Hey everybody!

Finals week is upon us! One more week until fall semester is officially over, and as the semester comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past semester, and my top ten memories from these past four months.

1. Viterbi President’s Council Retreat

This semester got off to an amazing start at Temescal Canyon. Leaders of Viterbi organizations were invited to attend a weekend-long retreat to get everyone ready for fall semester. Some of the methods were definitely unconventional, but it got the semester off on the right foot!

2. Out for Undergrad Engineering Conference

I was able to spend the weekend up at Stanford meeting engineers from around the country, learning about how to be a successful professional, and networking with some really cool companies. This conference made the list because it opened my mind to different ways of thinking about careers, on top of being a lot of fun!

3. Going to the Ellen Show

I’d been dreaming of going to her show for months, and I finally got tickets to see a taping! Betty and I took a mid-week break and drove over to Warner Bros Studio in Burbank.


It's not a candid photo without the *subtle* lens flare

It’s not a candid photo without the *subtle* lens flare

4. Touring SpaceX 

This semester, I was invited to tour SpaceX with my research lab. I was able to tour their facility, which is one of the coolest places I have ever seen. I left that tour so excited for space travel

5. The Weekender

It’s been on my college bucket list to go up for one of the away-games, affectionately called the weekender. I got to go up to Berkeley this semester and see us beat the Bears in real time!




Ignore the uncoordinated drab colors, everyone is having fun!

Ignore the uncoordinated drab colors, everyone is having fun!


6. QuEST Mentorship Kickoff

For QuEST, I’m in charge of setting up our mentorship program with industry professionals. Our big event this year was actually having everyone meet their mentor, and this event was kind of my baby. It turned out so well though, and I had a blast!



I am also a sucker for photobooths!

I am also a sucker for photobooths!

7. Viterbi Expo

Getting to be a part of the Viterbi Expo and Discover USC was an amazing experience. I was able to talk to so many people in the same place I was two years ago, and being able to answer the questions I myself had was such a rewarding experience!






I'm a sucker for pretty Christmas lights

I’m a sucker for pretty Christmas lights

8. Thanksgiving

This year, I visited my friend at Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving. I had such a great time exploring a new city and seeing snow fall for the first time!

9. Beating the Bruins

I came from the airport directly to this game, jet-lagged on a sweltering day and I still could not care less. Best game of the year, and an awesome end to Thanksgiving break!

"Yeah, mom, I've been vacuuming"

“Yeah, mom, I’ve been vacuuming”

10. My Research Lab

One of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do this semester is get more involved in research. After spending the summer working in my lab, I was ready to take on more responsibility this semester, and the experience has been indescribably rewarding.


But honestly, there are so many more things I could have listed this semester. I’m just glad to have found that sophomore slump I was dreading is not a reality. I’m looking forward to what the rest of this year holds!

Fight on for 2015!

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