One of the first student organizations I heard during my USC orientation was Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and how involved their members are within Viterbi. I also learned about the Women in Engineering office and the different opportunities that are available for undergrads. I feel like engineering is filled with  untapped opportunities for women so I have always enjoyed being a female going into a historically male dominated field. But the most satisfying part was when I was working at my internship last summer.

I worked for a construction company as a Field Engineer Intern and with that came construction hard hat, gloves, construction boots and safety goggles. Most of the construction workers were not used to seeing female engineers out in the field so some of my interactions initially were full of excitement and encouragement. I was very pleased to find out how accepting the construction field was to young female engineers, even in terms of recruitment, it has always been encouraging for me to notice how companies will go the extra mile to hire female engineers. I would definitely say Engineering truly is the coolest field for women to go into now!