One of the main things I was looking for in the colleges I was considering was undergraduate research opportunities. The reason I was interested in research was by the time I am done with my undergrad, I wanted to make sure that I have the utmost knowledge about the field I am going into and what the career options are available, for me, the best way to get this knowledge was to have a research experience by working with professors who are doing interesting research in my major.

I knew that USC has many of these undergraduate research opportunities and I also knew that all I had to do to be part of a research I am interested in was to contact one of my professors and ask them if I could work in their lab. Once I realized this, I started looking for Civil Engineering professors that do research in Structural Design focusing on things that would interest me. And it wasn’t that hard for me to find out that there were multiple researches that I envisioned myself being part of and learning the most from.

Some of the other reasons I also took into consideration when I chose USC were the fact that it is in LA and the idea of being part of the Trojan Family. Being in a great city as LA opens up so many doors, it is a fun city to live in and a diverse place to learn a lot from. There are always fun things happening somewhere in LA and it is also possible to find a great park or beach for a relaxing day. The Trojan Family was also a factor in such a way that we have one of the largest alumni network. My uncle and my aunt also graduated from USC and I see how passionate they still are about USC and how easy it is to find fellow Trojans in every possible field.

It might seem like a stressful decision to make when choosing a college, but it really is not if you feel like a school can offer you what you are looking for. It was easier for me to choose USC because once I identified what I wanted from my Undergraduate education, it was easier to see that USC had almost everything on my list.