I transferred into USC as a Sophomore so I lived in Parkside Apartments my first year here. I lived in a one bedroom apartment I shared with another student. One thing I really loved about Parkside was even though I lived in an apartment, we still had events for everyone on the floor so that we got to know one another.  We even had ice cream nights every Sunday at our RA’s apartment. There also were multiple social events throughout the year where everyone on the floor was invited to both on or off campus. I remember the first time I realized I would enjoy living with the people on my floor was when our RA emailed everyone on the floor and told us that he’s willing to take everyone to Target for last minute shopping before the first day of classes.  I also liked the fact that Parkside was really close to Viterbi as well as the Parkside Restaurant. I had the Community Apartment Meal Plan that came with $100 dining dollars and 50 meals which was more than enough since our apartment had a full kitchen where my roommate and I would usually make something quick instead of eating out.

Both the bedroom and the living room came furnished so I really liked the fact that the only thing I had to bring my move-in day was just my cloth and my books. Parkside also has a lounge downstairs that have cable TV, Pool table and vending machines and I would sometimes go down there whenever I had some homework that can be done while watching TV. I also had access to both the Arts & Humanities and IRC study rooms which had both individual study areas or group study rooms. The study halls were the perfect place for studying or working on group projects whenever I didn’t feel like going to the library.

I really enjoyed living in parkside, it was the most at ease place for a home away from home and the people there were also the easiest to get along with.

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  • Ian says:

    Hi, Maria, do you know a chinese girl called yuqi lu(chinese name)?
    She lived in Parkside Apartments. Plese let me know. Thank you.