One of the classes I am taking this spring is my Capstone Senior Design class. It is a class that basically applies design knowledge we’ve learned from all the classes we have taken so far. And the reason I would say that makes this class be the most interesting class is that it is the one with the most real world application in terms of what we are working on.

So for this year, our senior project is to design a recreational center on a site 255,000 sq-ft that has office buildings, conference area and parking lot. And the best part of the project is the conference area has to span over a creek so there is a possibility I might have to design a floor that is suspended in air (so psyched about this!).

Our project site is assigned to be inĀ HuntingtonĀ Beach, CA, since it is close to the beach, we have to include Tsunami design into the project, which is a new concept for me so I am quite excited to learn more about it. In addition to the design of all the structures on the site, we also have to coordinate the site development in terms of drainage and water filtration with city regulations. And as part of our final presentation, we are also expected to have computer models of our site with different structural and construction softwares. The project seemed slightly overwhelming at first, but now that we have the third of it done, I am actually quite excited to see the final product!