Not everyone enjoys waking up at 7am on a Friday, especially when they don’t have any classes. But this wasn’t the case this past Friday for most USC students because waking up that early to attend President Obama’s speech was well worth the early morning madness and extremely long lines. President Obama came to USC to rally for gubernatorial candidate Brown and senate candidate Boxer who both are in tight race with their opposing party candidates.

Obama was scheduled to speak at 1:30pm but students and supporters of the party were lining up as early as 8am. I wasn’t planning on attending the rally since I had a class that ended at 11am, and getting in line after that time would have been harder to get a good spot. However, after I was done with my class, seeing the excitement in people made me realize that it is a historical opportunity to see the president of the United States speak at USC. So I decided to still go and ended up not close enough to have the perfect view of Obama, but close enough to hear his speech. I later ended up watching the last few minutes of the rally on the screen in Annenberg.  This was an amazing experience since the voice I hear on TV finally came live at USC and I was able to feel his presence, energy and the excitement of everyone around who was enjoying this experience as much as I was.

I have thus far enjoyed all the opportunities I had at USC but I never thought seeing the president of the United States come and speak to us would be one of these opportunities. This past Friday will definitely be one of the days I will always talk about when I reflect back on my experience at SC.