Spring semester for me usually is the semester where I would take easier classes, but this semester seems to have started on the opposite side of the tradition. Even though I am taking only four real classes, which is very unusual for me, these four upper division classes seem like they are going to be quite challenging but at the same time, quite enjoyable. These upperdiv classes I am taking are CE 457 (Reinforced Concrete Design), CE 458 (Theory of Structures II), CE 467 (Geotechnical Engineering) and EE 326 (Essentials of Electrical Engineering). I also have debate district qualifiers and nationals on my plate this semester in addition to my new job doing research with one of my professors on numerically programming different methods to do finite element analysis of structural behavior of materials during an earthquake.

It will be my first time working on a research project like this and I am very much excited for being part of it. I’ve always been interested in earthquake engineering so learning to write my own programs to analyze buildings experiencing seismic waves will definitely be worth my time. I also have internship applications and interviews on my plate this spring. I have already submitted my application to some of the firms I am most interested in working for, so what is left for me to do during the semester is interview with these companies and hopefully be able to land the job I want for the summer. Let’s hope the semester continues to be challenging but enjoyable as it has started to be.