I have always enjoyed our homecoming games more than our regular games, but this weekend’s game became even more special to me especially after my friend pointed it out that this was going to be our last homecoming as undergrads….I still haven’t accepted how fast my senior year is going.

One of the best parts of homecoming is having lots of alumni back on campus. It was nice seeing friends that graduated a year ago back on campus and now are here as alumni. Catching up on how they’re doing in industry/grad school is also always fun, especially when you realize you’re going to be in their shoes in the very near future.

I usually spend homecoming tailgating with the debate team where alumni that have graduated decades ago come back. It is always interesting to hear about their stories as debaters so long ago. However, this year, we had a joint tailgate with the Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism so the people I got to interact with were of different crown.

But one thing everyone has in common during homecoming is the excitement to be on campus, whether it’s for the first time in years or just a day after we were there for our Friday classes. It is exciting to see how vibrant the Trojan family is and time and distance isn’t really things that come between Trojans. It is that day where I truly am proud to be a Trojan. And winning our homecoming game after such a good game is also a plus:)