This was my second year attending homecoming at SC, and to say the least, I felt like it was an event that brought more Trojans together regardless of their graduation year. It’s not usual for me to look forward to a tailgate that starts at 9am in the morning on a game day, however, being on campus that early on a Saturday morning for homecoming was worth sacrificing my Saturday morning sleep for.

As most of the groups on campus, the debate team I am part of had our own tailgate for current and past debaters at homecoming. It was good getting to know debaters who were part of the team decades ago but are still passionate about debate and the Trojan Debate Squad at SC. It made me realize that the bond we have created debating together for four years has brought debaters closer not just as Trojans, but also as life long friends who would comeback years later to spend a beautiful Saturday together.  One of the things that surprised me the most was the age group of alumni that came back for homecoming. I was expecting to see recent graduates to come back for homecoming, but to my surprise, most of the alums at homecoming yesterday were those that have graduated many decades ago.  This made me wonder if I would come back for homecoming many decades from now and the answer I had was why not. I have spent some of my most memorable times at SC and I definitely would want to come back and be in place that I had spend 4 amazing years at.