Santa Monica beach is my favorite place in LA mainly because every time I go there, I feel comfortable regardless of my mood. One of the reasons I like Santa Monica is that it can be the perfect environment for having fun as well as a place for a good reading on the beach. Ranging from the weekend live performers on 3rd street, to the fine dinning and amusement part on the pier, Santa Monica beach is definitely a good place to go to have a fun afternoon with a group. On the other hand, Santa Monica beach can also be the perfect place for spending a late afternoon reading a book on the beach.

The pier and 3rd street are one of the liveliest places for me in LA when it comes to spending a weekend afternoon out with friends. I might be biased because 3rd street has some of my favorite clothing stores, however, the wide variety of musicians, comedians, and performers on the street give it a unique characteristics where variety of activities merge together but not in an overwhelming way. The Santa Monica pier also has a similar feeling, what distinguishes the pier from 3rd street is the Pacific Park. The Pacific Wheel at the park has a beautiful view of the ocean and the city. But above all, the best part of Pacific park is the Funnel Cake from the Funnel Cake Factory.

On those days where I just feel like reading a book in a comfortable place, Santa Monica beach is also the ideal place for me. Regardless of how busy the beach is on weekends, I always manage to find the perfect reading spot on the far-ranging beach. The afternoon breeze and sunset add a soothing effect to the beach where it gets transformed into the perfect reading environment.