When I was interning for SKANSKA over the summer, every day I was sending on the job, I was realizing why I’ve always wanted to be a Civil Engineer. Civil Engineering for me is a field where you work towards the betterment of the physical world but at the same time, while getting the opportunity to interact with people from different disciplines in the process. I very much enjoyed the hands-on experience I got by being out in the field during my internship, but I also very much enjoyed the ‘people’ aspect of the job while we were meeting with clients and consultants about the influence of the project on the community.

One of the most important things I am recently learning about Civil Engineering is the importance of the client, be it from a Structural Engineer’s perspective or the Contractor’s perspective, the client is one of the most important players in Civil Engineering. The engineer’s job is primarily to build the structure as per the client’s needs. This for me is one of the reasons I like Civil Engineering because you come across different types of projects and clients that throughout one’s career in Civil Engineering, you will have an experience a wide variety of situations.