School’s back, and I couldn’t be happier! It’s a nice feeling to be constantly busy (unlike summer, where I had too much free time), and to have a planned schedule. Sadly, I haven’t completely solidified my schedule of extracurricular activities yet, but hopefully it will be complete by next week. Here’s some of the fun things I’ve already fit into my schedule:

Hawaii versus USC football game! Beat the rainbows!

1) Ultimate Frisbee! I am going to be an Intramural captain this semester, which means I get to teach all the little rookies how to throw a Frisbee and run around the field like crazy people. I am so excited to meet all of them (and hopefully some of them will swipe me into the new remodeled EVK!). Not too much to say about this, but I always feel like Ultimate is the college experience, and it’s so accessible for all skill levels. Intramurals last for 4 weeks, so if you don’t like it, its not like you’ve committed your soul or a large portion of your bank account or anything. YAY ULTIMATE LOVE!

  1. Intramural Ultimate last year! These girls are my besties now 🙂 Time passes so fast

Merit research! I was awarded a continuing student award, which are given to a small amount continuing students every year. The idea behind merit research is that Viterbi will grant you a certain amount of money to be used during the school year, and allow you to work with a professor in the engineering school. It allows you to get research experience from your freshman year, and work with awesome research! Many of the VSA’s on this site do merit research, so definitely check out their blogs on specific information about their projects. Don’t be too discouraged if you aren’t granted a merit research award your freshman year- you can apply at the end of freshman year (like me!) and start sophomore year!


longboarding past RTH (engineering building). the balloon part is a long story.

VARC tutoring! In case you don’t know what the VARC is, it’s a free peer tutoring service offered to any Viterbi student. It’s in the beautiful new engineering building, so its near a lot of my classes and not out of the way. Basically, students can sign up for appointments with me (30 minutes each), and I help them with any problems they have been having in class. I primarily tutor the engineering math classes (Calc I, II and III), but I also tutor some of the chemistry and chemical engineering classes. I’ve been doing this since my second semester of freshman year, and I love every minute of it! It’s one of the best jobs on campus, since you get to meet so many people, and get to be a great role model. I’ll go into a little more detail on this in a later blog.


Working at the Viterbi Open House last week!

Okay that’s it for now. Of course, there are lots of other activities I’m looking forward to, but these are some of the more time consuming ones that I have actually started. Many of the other clubs are still getting into the swing of things (WYSE, in particular), but I’ll blog more about that when it actually starts. On a final note, I managed to grab one of the #Ninjaneer bags at the Viterbi Open House last week, so I’ve been repping it all around campus. Hopefully no one thinks I’m a freshman!

all ready for Ultimate with my #Ninjaneer bag!

Makana Krulce-2015

Makana Krulce-2015

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