Since my roommates can be a bit loud or distracting at times as I try to finish all my assignments for the week, I usually grab my bag, make a quick stop at Starbucks and head to one of my favorite study spots on campus. While each place has its pros and cons, they can all provide you with a great place to focus and study.

One of my go-to study locations is the library in the Mudd Hall of Philosophy. With it’s striking similarities to the architecture one might find in Hogwarts, you can’t help but feel studious the second you step foot in it. With its visually striking floor tiles and rows of bookshelves, I think it is the most beautiful place to study on campus. With the arrival of the new semester, there have been more outlets installed in between the individual chairs and tables. This smaller library is a great place to escape the southern California “winter” keeping you very warm with heaters through out the whole study space. While it is by far the quietest place to study on campus (you can literally hear a pin drop), but be sure to leave your snacks and drinks at home, as they are not allowed inside (think TSA security at LAX).

photo 1

Inside Mudd Philosophy Library

photo 3

Catching some rays outside of Mudd Philosophy Hall

This next study spot is my favorite by far.  If you can get there early enough to get a table for yourself, the VKC Library is by far the best place to hunker down and move through your work. There are tables hidden behind the book shelves in separate cubicles, which give you tons of room to spread out all of your books and papers – all away from the minimal foot traffic and disturbances in the library. With plenty of outlets for all your electronic needs, the excuse of running out of juice is out of the questions. The librarians are very kind and always welcome you with a greeting, a smile, and a bucket of candy. If you prefer something a little more substantial than a Jolly Rancher and can leave your comfy chair, there are vending machines upstairs with Starbucks not too far away.

photo 2

Got my favorite study table all to myself!

Every year, I manage to find a new favorite study spot. Outlets, proximity to food (and Starbucks), setting and noise level are all key to finding the best study spot to maximize productivity.