Hey guys!

I would like to think that in my past three years at USC, I have grown wiser. As my junior year is wrapping up, I would like to pass on some helpful tips I have learned to incoming freshman.

1)   Meet as many people as possible

The majority of the people that I met my freshman year I still stay in contact with. All of my best friends now lived in the same freshman dorm as me! During freshman year every one is really open and outgoing, it’s a great chance to make a lot of friends.


Flashback to Fluor Tower Freshman Year

2)   Get involved in student organizations

One of my bigger regrets at USC was to not join my student organizations earlier. I wish I had branched out and become more involved in SWE and CMAA SPARKS my freshman year.

First SPARKS National Competition this year!

First SPARKS National Competition this year!

3)   Eat healthy

Even though there is access to unlimited food (and pizza) at EVK and Parkside dining halls, try to go for smaller meal portions and hit up the salad bar first! It is incredibly easy to gain the freshman 15…or more.

4)   Attend networking events

It is easy to be intimated by networking events and recruiters freshman year, but recruiters really like when freshman show interest. Although it will be very difficult to get an internship immediately after freshman year, keeping contact with the companies and continuously attending networking events makes a BIG difference in the long run. Also look to upperclassmen for advice on resume formatting, interview tips, etc. The Viterbi Career Gateway is another great resource for help with networking!

My first SWE Evening With The Industry with my SWE Mentor

My first SWE Evening With The Industry with my SWE Mentor


5)   Visit professors during office hours

Professors really appreciate when students visit them in office hours with questions. Building relationships early on with professors (in engineering or other classes) helps later on if the class becomes difficult or if you need a letter of recommendation.

Another great resource for freshman is upperclassmen. They have been through it all and know how to not only survive but to thrive. Upperclassmen also can pass down old notes from classes and possibly tutor if the class is difficult. Freshman year is one of the best years of college (and possibly life) so enjoy it! Good luck!