Hey there!

I recently signed my lease for housing for next year – my last year living at USC! Ever since freshman year, I have lived off campus in different houses both on Menlo Avenue and 29th Street. Although I was off campus, it was only about a 10 minute bike ride to and from campus. My freshman year I lived on campus in Fluor Tower. It was great living so close to all my classes and meeting so many of my freshman classmates!

Located in the northeast corner of campus, Fluor is right next to the Lyon Center Gym and pool and Café 84 (which was converted into a dinning hall). Also a recent addition to that part of campus is the Engemann Student Health Center. I really liked the proximity to the gym, especially to keep off that freshman 15!


USC Surf Team teaching Fluor Tower residents how to surf!

Fluor Tower is a suite style dorm with four double bedrooms (8 total residents) connected to a common living area with a small kitchen and a double bath. It is one of the few housing options for freshman that not only has a kitchen but also a non-community style bathroom. I really loved only sharing a bathroom with my suitemates and having the option to cook. I often found myself in the large study rooms, one located on each floor and all with a great view of downtown LA.  All of my freshman suitemates were different majors, came from different states and countries but we all got along really well. I really enjoyed living in Fluor and would highly recommend it to any incoming freshman!

Suite 808

Living on campus freshman year gave me the opportunity to meet so many new and different people. I met some of my best friends freshman year in Fluor Tower – three of them are my roommates now and I am visiting a few others abroad in England over spring break! My freshman year housing experience was one of the best, I couldn’t ask for better friends and better memories.


My best friends from Fluor Tower and roommates now!

My house on Menlo last year

My house on Menlo Avenue last year