I first joined Society of Women Engineers during the fall semester of my sophomore year. I had no idea what to expect because it was my first college student organization. At the beginning, I just thought it would be a resume boost, possibly a good networking system. But SWE means so much more to me today – only a year after joining. Starting as a general member, then becoming an ambassador (transition position to officer council) and now working as the Social Media Chair on the Communications committee on Officer Council, I have been getting more and more involved in SWE.

Working with and getting to know my fellow SWEsters (or SWEople) has been great! We are such a diverse organization with all different engineering majors, hometowns, interests and cultures, yet we all work together to create a unified organization to help inspire and support women in engineering. Not to brag or anything, but we are the largest Viterbi student organization with over 200 women engineers. We host everything from Halloween Fun Fair with local community girls, to Fall Evening with the Industry with representatives from industry leaders, and 80’s themed Midnight Rollerway Roller Disco for Members Retreat!

Some of my favorite memories from SWE over the past year have been:

  • SWE National Conference in Houston, Texas Fall 2012


A night out in Houston at National Conference

A night out in Houston at National Conference


  • Hanging out at local restaurant Bacaro LA with my Communications Committee
  • Fall Evening with Industry


Fall Evening with Industry advertisement

Fall Evening with Industry advertisement – designed by one of my fellow Communication Committee member

  •  ZUMBA general meeting – organized by the Ambassadors



  • Mentorship Program – as both a mentee, and now as a mentor


I have made so many good friends and memories through SWE in just a year! I am glad that I finally took the initiative and became a SWEster my sophomore year. My advice to incoming freshman: do not wait to join a student organization or to get involved! I wish I had joined SWE during my freshman year. It has been such a great support system of fellow women engineers. Don’t be scared to branch out, meet new people and join new clubs!