Every CE 451 Water Resources Engineering class, my professor, J.J. Lee, asks, “What is the main job of an engineer?” and the class’s response is always “Solve problems.” Engineers create solutions to the world’s problems. This is why I love engineering. Not only is there opportunity for innovation but also opportunity to create solutions.

It is important to invent and discover new technology, but it is just as important to inspire others – such as younger generations. One of the problems within the engineering industry is the lack of women engineers. At the moment, roughly 13% of all the engineers in the world are women. Over a year ago, I stumbled upon a video about Goldieblox. Goldieblox, invented by a woman mechanical engineer, is a toy designed to inspire young girls to be engineers. It is a combination of a construction set and a storybook that would use both verbal and mechanical skills. I thought that this was such a cool and brilliant idea. I really wish that I could have had this as a toy when I was younger!

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 9.19.14 PM

GoldieBlox, better than Barbies??

A few weeks ago while I was watching the super bowl, a commercial began to play for Goldieblox. It was awesome to see that this toy has been successful and is helping to inspire young girls be engineers. At USC the Society of Women Engineers works a lot with local schools to host workshops and create events to help get younger girls excited about math and science. I hope that as an engineer I will not only create but also help solve problems and inspire others.


SWE High School Outreach


Science is Cool!


Watch the super bowl ad!  GoldieBlox Commercial

– Maisie